SASEM-Nursing Section

SASEM-Nursing Section

SASEM-Nursing Section



Huda Ba-abdullah.MNGHA-Jeddah   Chair

Abdurrahman Qudah. MNGHA-Jeddah Co-Chair

Dalia Hatmi.MNGHA-Jeddah CME representative

Fawaz Al-Ghamdi. NSH-Makkah

Bander Al-Ahmadi.MOH- Madinah

Abdulraheem Al-Shahrani. ACH-Abha

Majeed Al-aily-KAAH-Jeddah

Yasser Al-Otaibi. Eastern.



The Vision of SASEM nursing is to improve and develop nursing practice in all emergency departments that will increase patient safety and maintain excellent patient care.






  • To develop and promote emergency nursing care through teaching, training and education.
  • To Increase the community awareness in regard to emergency nursing as specialty among all community members.
  • To emphasize the significant role of emergency nursing in the early detection and assessment.
  • To encourage professional collaboration with other healthcare team members.
  • To be a Resource for ED nurses in practice guidelines, database of emergency nursing research and article.