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Table of Contents TRAINING FOR MCI’s: WHAT DO WE KNOW? Dr. Hussain Alhashem Introduction MCI is short for “multiple (or mass) casualty incidents.” Mass casualty incidents are defined as “incidents that cause casualties and overwhelm the medical response system in … Read more Heat Emergencies By Dr. Sumit Patel and Dr. Danya Khoujah Introduction Heat […]


Drs. Winters and AlSalamah’s on What is New in Sepsis How to Insert a Peripheral IV Using U/S by Dr. Ismail Dr. Bakhsh’s Airway Tricks Drs. Fischer and O’Connor on Palliative Care in the ED Dr. Alhashem Explains What is a Flipped Classroom ASSOCIATE EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Danya Khoujah EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Maan Jamjoom Table of Contents Sepsis-3 What’s new By Dr. Tareq Al-Salamah & Dr. Michael […]


Prof. Amal Mattu’s take on the new AHA Guidelines. Prof. Al Salman explains how Emergency Medicine training started in Saudi Arabia (Arabic Article) Dr. Yiu teaches how to teach in 5 steps The top articles of 2015 And More..!   ASSOCIATE EDITOR-INCHIEF Danya Khoujah EDITOR-INCHIEF Maan Jamjoom Table of content The Start of Emergency Medicine Training in Saudi Arabia […]