The Saudi Society of Emergency Medicine will provide competent, compassionate, comprehensive and cutting-edge emergency health care resources that are accessible, fiscally responsible, and delivered in the most efficient manner to our community within a multi-disciplinary and integrated health care system, while promoting Emergency Medicine synergism, safety, staffing, satisfaction, and solvency in order to improve the quality of Emergency Medicine care in Saudi Arabia.


The Saudi Society of Emergency Medicine will be recognized as leader in providing world-class, scientific-based, health care supported by incorporation, advancements, and innovation.

Our Values

Staff EM board-certified and Emergency Medicine qualified staff

Synergism Integrate into in all EM-related projects as essential public service

Safety Patients, Staff wellness, Organization, and Environment

Service Accessible, covering all of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Support Education, Research, System Implementation

Satisfaction Our Customers, Work Force, and Organizations

Soundness Practices to control revenues, disburse funds, and invest to generate financial prosperity